Board Profile

Not for profit agencies will be governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which has accountability for the Agency and the services it provides. Written guidelines outline the required composition of the board, terms of office for board members, and a description of members’ duties and responsibilities. The governing body participates in the development and review of the Mission Statement and the Agency’s operational plan.

ICHSS is privileged to have a group of retired professional who give freely of their time and expertise to ensure that we are delivering the highest level of service possible. Our Board Members have a comprehensive understanding of those service requirements for home health care delivery that places us as a leader in our field and have invaluable knowledge of their communities that is beneficial to a comprehensive service delivery. Some members have the historical knowledge of home care delivery as they were originally involved in delivery of these services when they were delivered by Municipal Government prior to being taken over by the Province and prior to a merger of the respective agencies for each municipality.

Board of Directors

  • Clifford Maillet ~ Chairperson
  • Claire MacNeil ~ Vice Chairperson
  • Kate Beaton
  • Frank Gillis
  • Councillor John Dowling
  • Councillor Hughie MacDougall
  • Fern Austin
  • Mary Smith