About Us

inverness_home_support_photo_03Inverness County Home Support Society delivers Home Support Services to Continuing Care clients in Inverness County. ICHSS complies with the Continuing Care mission and philosophy, goals, objectives, and policies while promoting client goals and outcomes. ICHSS meets and continuously strives to exceed the standards for delivery of Home Support services to its clients.

ICHSS provides home support services as authorized by the Care Coordinator, including meal preparation, personal care services, light housekeeping, and respite service. ICHSS provides services to approved clients, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, including weekends and holidays.

ICHSS has an administration of (8) staff and service delivery staff of (72) Home Support Workers. ICHSS provides services to approximately (300) clients within the geographic region of Inverness County.

inverness_home_support_photo_02ICHSS employs policies and procedures that are compatible with the Agency’s Mission Statement that are coordinated with the major areas of Agency operations. Policies that are consistent with applicable government laws and regulations are available and communicated to staff, and clients, where required by the Standards.

A process of Continuous Quality Improvement is employed and is monitored on a regular basis with particular emphasis on the eight measurable dimensions of quality.

Agency bylaws and policies are consistent with Continuing Care philosophy and are reviewed on a regular basis (annually unless otherwise required).

ICHSS is committed to the Health and Safety
of the Agency staff, clients and its community.